Tone is one of the true architects of D.C.’s music scene.  In 2009, along with his cousin Craig, Tone helped catapult the District’s go-go laced hip-hop sound and helped lay the groundwork for the success of Wale, the city’s first homegrown rapper to achieve national fame. 

In 2011, he helped craft the catchy chorus to the song “Ambition” alongside Wale, which earned him his first platinum plaque. Since then, he’s worked with the likes of Meek Mill, J. Cole, Mark Ronson, DJ Toomp, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross, and continues to cultivate up-and-coming local artists, music producers, and songwriters.  In 2012, Tone signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Group (see profile here).

His songs have been featured in major films like “Project X,” HBO's "Entourage", Nike commercials, and playlists on every major music streaming service. “Love Hate Thing,” a song he co-produced with Stokley of Mint Condition in 2013 which happens to be former President Obama’s #1 song featured on his 2016 Summer Playlist.  

Tone draws inspiration from his upbringing as a D.C. kid in two different neighborhoods: Georgetown and Southwest. Moving from school to school introduced Tone to peers who listened to rock, pop, country and other genres besides go-go.  By combining elements of punk rock, hip hop, soul, trap and go-go, Tone is ushering in a new vibe that represents the eclectic tastes of his generation.  “I don’t like following trends,” Tone says. “I like to be original. I like to stand out, and support my city at the same time.” 


Taking go-go worldwide is Tone’s motif. And in 2019, as part of the #DontMuteDC movement, Tone helped channel the momentum behind a gentrification protest into the catalyst thats responsible for making go-go the official music of his hometown, Washington, DC.  The movement is responsible for successfully allocating 3 million annually towards the GOGO community from DC government for events, music, educational, and promotional purposes.  The movement has been documented in the Smithsonian, BBC, BET, CNN, The Washington Post, New York Times, and more.   


Tone recently just has his record "The Beat Don't Stop", an original GO-GO style record with a catchy hook, was just featured in a commercial AD for TV One's Black Music Month this year.  His latest album latest, "Moogs, Synths, & Sex", is an alternative project chock-full of tracks that both represent D.C. and have the potential to be played on radio stations across the country. It features Tone stepping from behind the boards as just a producer and in front of the microphone, as a bonafide artist on the verge of stardom.    

“I feel like it’s all surreal. I never really had any expectations of music outside of wanting to make this a life for myself,” Tone says. “I just wanted to be successful.”  

The multi-platinum RIAA certified producer is one of the most distinct talents in the music industry. He’s a hitmaker with a proven track record, a curator with impeccable taste and professionalism. The sky's the limit for this game-changing beatsmith.  n the future, Tone plans to introduce the world to go-go punk, a new sound that he says consists of live percussion-heavy records with a punk twist.  

“I’ve always been looking for ways to elevate my city through evolving the sound of go-go and I think I really hit the nail on the head with this one,” Tone says. 

- Chris Harris